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Hey readers!

Sorry I didn’t get a new post up last night; our internet is acting stupid.  The books I am reading right now are Hades by Alexandra Adornetto, Beauty and the Bully by Andy Behrens, and What I Didn’t Say by Keary Taylor.

Hades is the sequel to Halo.  So at the beginning of this book all of Bethany’s friends are giving her a hard time for spending all her time with Xavier.  Bethany doesn’t see why spending all her time with Xavier is a problem, but she still ends up letting them guilt trip her into doing a séance with them at the Halloween party.  I’m sorry.  Are they stupid?  I don’t even believe in that sort of stuff, but to have a séance on Halloween, one of the nights of the year when the veil is supposed to be the thinnest?


After they have their little séance and they end up summoning something bad, Bethany goes looking for Xavier, only to find out he’s been in some sort of drunk, tree jumping accident.  One of Xavier’s teammates offers to give her a ride out to where Xavier is at, but then Bethany starts picking up that this cannot be right, especially when she turns around and Xavier is calling after her.  Bethany wants to get off the motorcycle, but finds that she can’t.  She soon figures out that she’s being kidnapped by Jake, and then Jake takes her to Hell and she is stuck indefinitely.  I’m not sure how Bethany is going to get out of this and get back to Xavier, but I’m interested to find out.

Beauty and the Bully is about a boy named Duncan who is in love with Carly.  The only problem?  Carly thinks that Duncan’s name is Dalton, and she basically doesn’t even know that he exists.  Duncan is in a band, which at this point is called Fat Barbie, with his two best friends Jessie and Stew.  They have practices, but they never seem to go very well or last very long.  At the last practice I read about Jessie was tired of hearing about Carly so she started throwing things at Duncan and ends up hitting him in the head with a maraca, at which point he trips on a dolly (is that what those things you lie on under cars is called?) and a utility shelf falls on him.  He looks horrible the next day at school, and Carly sees him and is all shocked and horrified.  Jessie says that he got beat up by thugs so that Carly will feel bad and help him around school that day.  After school, Duncan and Jessie and Stew decide that if Duncan is going to keep Carly’s attention he’s going to need to keep looking pathetic, so they decide to hire a thug to stage an attack on Duncan.  I’m interested in seeing where this story goes.  I want Duncan to be happy, but I just don’t think it will be Carly that makes him happy since she didn’t even really notice him until he got “beat up.”  Maybe he’ll end up with Jessie!

What I Didn’t Say is about Jake.  Jake and his family all live on this small island of about 5,000 people.  Jake is on the football team and plans on joining the air force after he graduates high school.  Jake has had a crush on Samantha Shay since freshman year, and at the end of their junior year it seemed like they might be going somewhere, but now at the beginning of their senior year, it’s like they never had their flirtation and almost date at the end of last year.  After winning the homecoming game, Jake and his friend get drunk at a party, and he decides he wants to go find Samantha and tell her how he really feels, but things never really go as planned.  On the way to find Samantha’s house Jake and his buddies Rain and Carter are in a car accident.  When Jake wakes up from the accident he can’t talk and he isn’t sure why.  His family explains part of what happened to him, but the doctor explains the rest.  When the car flipped a t-post got jammed into Jake’s throat, but if his friends hadn’t fallen on him the post wouldn’t have been jammed farther in and he might have been okay.  The t-post ripped out most of his vocal chords, and what wasn’t ripped out, the doctor had to take out.  Jake is now mute for the rest of his life and he’s going to have to learn to live with that and the fact that he never told Samantha that he loves her. 


When Jake gets back to school, his classes get switched around so he can take a sign language class.  Jake ends up being in a bunch of classes with Samantha and then he finds out who his sign language teacher is.  I’m really excited to see how this book turns out.  The storyline is intriguing and I just cannot wait to finish it!

Recently, I purchased the book of Ever After.  While it mostly stuck to what happened in the movie, I really enjoyed it!  I would have loved it if there was more depth to it, like the reasoning behind some things, but it was still fabulous!  I would recommend reading it, and also watching the movie.  I love them both!  I suddenly feel the need to share some of my favorite moments with you.


I also read Love in a Nutshell by Janet Evanovich and Dorien Kelly.  It was a cute story and I fell in love with it almost instantly.  I was disappointed that it wasn’t part of a series, but I will be reading any other books that these two write together.

I also read Altered by Jennifer Rush.  I was really excited for this book because I thought it was going to be completely fabulous.  Sadly, I was a little underwhelmed by this story.  Basically, Anna’s dad is a scientist type dude and there are these four guys (Sam, Nick, Cas, and Trev) locked in the basement and Anna helps him test the boys.  Anna comes down every night to visit the boys, mostly Sam, without her dad’s knowledge.  One day, these guys come to take Nick, Sam, Cas, and Trev away.  The boys stage a getaway, but they end up taking Anna with them and Anna learns a whole lot of things about her life.  The book didn’t wow me, but I will read the rest of the books in the series because I need to know what happens.

The next book I read was The Distance Between Us by Kasie West.  Um, I loved this book.  It was completely fabulous and blew all of my expectations out of the water.  This book is about Caymen, whose mother is staunchly against rich people because when she was sixteen she got pregnant and the rich boy who was Cayman’s father ran off and wanted no part in any of it.  Caymen works at her mom’s doll store, and one day this gorgeous, obviously rich boy, Xander, walks in.  Caymen is attracted to him, but she tries to fight that because he is obviously rich.  Somehow, these two keep getting thrown together, and things happen that I absolutely did not expect.  I highly recommend this book people.  Read it!

I read The Heist by Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg, and while I enjoyed it, it just wasn’t as good as the Stephanie Plum books.  The story was interesting, and I’m sure I’ll read more of the series in the future, but I’d rather read about Diesel and Lizzy or Morelli and Stephanie and Ranger.

I read Once Upon the End by James Riley, and I was sad for the series, as far as I know, to be over.  I started out feeling really angry at Jack for betraying May, and I was really sad that Phillip was going to die, but then things started happening, and by things, I mean stuff I was not expecting and never saw coming.  I highly recommend this series. 

A novella that I read and really enjoyed was Bitter Sweet Love by Jennifer L. Armentrout.  I loved this story.  I love that Miss Armentrout is doing a series about demons and gargoyles!  The main characters of this story were Dez and Jasmine.  Jasmine has been in love with Dez pretty much forever, but three years ago he just up and left with no explanation after her dad announced that he would be okay with a match between the two.  Jasmine has basically been going around thinking that Dez doesn’t care about her, but one day he returns and he declares that he wants to be matched with her.  Jasmine is furious that he left her and now here he is, wanting to be with her.  She knows that she is going to tell him no, but she has seven days to turn him down, and she’s going to use him to do things she’d never get to do otherwise, like hunt a demon, take a trip to New York, and learn to drive.  Jasmine learns a lot about Dez, and herself, on their seven day trip, and she see the choice she knows she wants, and needs in my opinion, to make.  This book is used to introduce us to the main characters of White Hot Kiss, which I am dying to read.  The characters we meet for that story are Layla, a half gargoyle half demon hybrid, Zayne, a gargoyle, and Roth, a sexy, dangerous demon.  I really loved this prequel and would highly recommend reading it.

I also read a book called His Eyes by Renee Carter.  This book is about a boy who did show jumping with his horse, but he has a jumping accident and goes blind.  The boy’s mom thinks he needs a friend, so she hires him a “babysitter” named Amy.  At first, Tristan (the blind boy) is totally against Amy and wants nothing to do with her, and then out of the blue they start getting along, but then Amy messes that up, but then they start getting along again.  It was a little weird.  I felt like the book needed more substance, but otherwise it was a good story. 

I read a book called Take me There by Carolee Dean.  It was different than what I expected.  I really wanted Dylan and Jess to have a happy ending, and in my opinion they didn’t get that.  Basically, Dylan is on the run because he killed someone, so he and his best friend Wade are headed to Texas so that Dylan can find his criminal father and find out why he is the way he is.  Dylan finds out things he didn’t expect.  There were flashbacks in the book that explained things, but I just wasn’t very impressed with the book.  I felt like it could have been better.

The next book I read blew me away.  The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight by Jennifer E. Smith was wonderful.  When I got about fifteen pages in I had some complaints.  There were certain similarities to Sarah Dessen’s Along for the Ride, and it just really frustrated me, but I pushed on, and boy am I glad I did.  I loved Oliver.  I hope I meet an Oliver someday.  Hadley is on the way to England for her father’s marriage, and she is NOT pleased about it.  She doesn’t even want to go, and to top it all off, she is four minutes late and misses her flight.  While she is sitting and waiting for the next flight, her bag spills and the cute boy across the way picks up her book and gives it back to her.  She eventually gets tired of sitting and doesn’t want to lug all of her stuff around so she asks a woman if she’ll watch her bag, but the woman refuses because it is illegal.  She finally gives up and just takes it with her when she drops her stuff again and once again the boy is there with her and he totes her bag around so that she can walk.  The two start talking and find out that they are in the same row on the flight.  As the story goes on they get to know each other better.  I loved this story.  I want to own a copy of this book.  I highly recommend this book!

The last book I read was Slumber by Samantha Young.  The story was interesting, but overall I was underwhelmed.  I’m pretty sure that the story was self-published, or the editor wasn’t very good because there were many, many errors.  The most frustrating error of all was when the author kept saying that the characters “scoffed” their food.  Scoffed.  Not scarfed, scoffed.


At the moment, my brain is mush because I have been typing this post for HOURS, so I cannot tell you real clear what this book is about, but there is magic in it, which was enjoyable.  An annoying main character named Rogan, a sexy man named Wolfe, and a pretty cool adventure.  Rogan is supposed to be saving her best friend, Wolfe is supposed to travel with her to protect her, and the whole time I was pretty sure they were going to end up together even though she hated him because his dad killed her family.  Anyways stuff happened in the story that I really could have done without, such as, Rogan almost getting raped by some psycho.  I really don’t think she got raped based off of something she said later in the book, but I skipped over the portion in the story because I just refuse to read that sort of stuff.

I hope to be posting more regularly!  I’ve been getting to read a lot and I have really been enjoying it!  I’ll leave you with a gif for how I feel about books.


Happy reading!



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