I Will Get to the Books in a Minute

Hey readers!

I realize that I rant about books here, but tonight I needed to rant about agriculture and organizations like PETA and HSUS and the different people/corporations that support them.  

Why am I going off on this tonight?  Well, I was looking at the reasons why Mark Ruffalo’s Matt Flamhaff ruined real men for women everywhere, and on the sidebar I saw an article that was talking about how we shouldn’t listen to Chipotle and their ideas about humane slaughter.  I was so excited to read this article, because Chipotle is one of the biggest supporters for groups like PETA and HSUS and for today’s American farmer that is a very bad thing.  So as I was reading this article I was realizing it wasn’t about what I thought it was about.  Instead of the article being about why we shouldn’t listen to Chipotle because they’re causing people to look at people in the agriculture industry in bad way it was really just about how there is no such thing as humane slaughter and how we should just not kill animals at all because it is murder.  I’m sorry, but as a beef farmer and an omnivore that severely irritates me.  Do I agree with everything the animal rights activists say?  Uh, no.  I don’t want animals abused, and I hate that they get abused, but more often than not I fight the urge to roll my eyes when they get on about how farmers and other people that raise animals are abusive and horrible and whatnot.  Do I think it’s weird that people want to be vegetarians?  A little bit, yeah, but I have friends that are vegetarians, and that’s fine, it means more meat for me ha ha!  BUT.  Do I try to tell vegetarians or vegans or people who have a different diet than I do that they are horrible people for eating what they eat?  No.  I don’t.  Why?  Because if they want to eat vegetables and nuts and fruit and no meat whatsoever for the rest of their lives then that’s fine with me.  You don’t see me running around telling people to stop eating things that come from plants because plants provide us with our oxygen and it just isn’t fair to us and we need as many things producing clean air as possible.  In fact, are there plant rights activists?  Maybe there should be if there are going to be people running around telling me that I shouldn’t raise a steer to slaughter, or go hunting and get food from that.  Have these people heard of overpopulation?   It exists in the animal world too!  That’s the reason why people hunt.  Overpopulation.  The way I see it, every time a deer doesn’t run out in front of my car and cause an accident in which it dies, I should go thank a hunter, because they are making it so there are less deer for me to run over with my car.  On that note, are we considered murderers when animals run out in front of our vehicles and get hit?  What’s next are we going to be told to stop driving our cars and trucks because it is too dangerous for all the animals?  What we be allowed to ride to work?  Bikes?  Mules?  Donkeys?  Horses?  Camels?  Elephants?  Actually, probably only bikes, because using an animal to get to work would probably be considered abuse too.

I’m sorry for my long rant.  I’ll be ranting about books here shortly.  If I offended anyone, I am sincerely sorry.  I don’t want to offend anyone, I just feel very frustrated that my way of life is considered part of the cycle of animal murder. . . I cannot believe I just said animal murder. -_-

Anyways!  Happy reading!





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