Letting my Fangirl Feels Reign

Hey guys!

I haven’t finished either of the two books I’ve been reading, but I needed to fangirl.  Any of you watch Reign?  I do!  I ship Mash (Mary and Sebastian), and tonight Bash just made my fangirl feels go bananas and set my heart aflutter or something mushy like that.  Basically, Bash says something to Mary that Francis would never say, because Francis was raised to be a king and Bash wasn’t. Also, I feel like Bash actually loves Mary, not that Francis doesn’t, but I just don’t feel like Francis and Mary are supposed to be.  Anyways, here is what set my feels off:


And then something kind of like this happened:



Happy reading and happy fangirling!


P.S.  I couldn’t resist a little more Mash =)


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