Fangirling Over Fangirl

Okay guys.  I’m about to do something I don’t think I’ve ever done with you guys.  I’m going to talk about one book and one book only.  I’ll probably be up until three in the morning because of this, but it is so worth it.  Also, there are no holds barred tonight.  I’m going to spoil this book like there is no tomorrow, so if you want to read the book then read this post at your own risk.


I finished Fangirl.  I couldn’t put it down, and it was wonderful.  It was so refreshing to read a book where the main character is just as weird, okay even more weird, than I am.  It was also so refreshing for the love interest to not be some drop dead sexy Adonis.  You know what Levi looked like?  Tall, skinny, blonde, and he had a receding hairline (I’m pretty sure Cath referred to it as a defined widows peak, or an extreme widows peak).  You know what?  I think he sounds sexy.  Cath definitely thought he was sexy.  You know what else I loved about Levi?  He works at Starbucks and he’s an honest to goodness farm boy.  As I told Sarah (AKA Fangirl S) this evening, I want one.  I want a Levi as every female with a brain should.  I want a man that is kind, loving, considerate, and is interested in hearing about what I love, even if he doesn’t enjoy it himself. . . . Well.  That just went in a whole different direction than I’d been planning on.  So, Cath.  Our main character is part of a set of twins.  Cather and Wren.  Why do they have ridiculous names?  Cath at least anyways.  For whatever reason, their mom didn’t know she was going to be having twins, and she was lazy and not all that interested in having kids, so the she just split the name she chose in half.  Cather.  Wren.  Catherine.  Like I said, lazy.

One of the issues that Cath has is that her mom left when they were eight.  Her dad has some sort of issue because his wife left him and he has been in a mental hospital three (four by the end of the book) times.  Cath and Wren (gosh that annoys me to type) used to write fanfic for a series that they loved, and they were really popular, but then Wren basically went to the dark side and was too good for Cath.  Wren’s life became about boys, drinking, popularity, and being “grown up.”  

This reminds me of Wren pre alcohol poisoning.


Cath, on the other hand, clings to her fanfic, and tries to keep things the way they used to be.  Much to her chagrin, things change.  When we first meet Cath, she’s freaking out because there is a boy in her dorm room, and although her dorm is a co-ed dorm, she’s pretty sure the rooms aren’t meant to be co-ed.  The guy is Levi, and Cath is pretty sure that Levi is Raegan’s (Cath’s roommate) boyfriend (he’s not).  Cath spends the first couple of months trying to only be in her dorm room, with the exception of classes and hygiene and bodily needs.  Cath hoards protein bars and peanut butter in her room so that she won’t have to try and venture out onto the campus, eventually Raegan stages an intervention and they become friends.  Cath starts spending time with this Nick guy she meets in her Fiction Writing class, and first I was all, “Yay!  Love interest!”  but then I was all, “I just really need you to step away from the jerk in the wingtips and be with Levi.”  Throughout the first three quarters or so of the book, when Wren comes up I internally went 


Cath and Levi end up spending a lot of time together, and he even gets her to read her fanfic to him.  One day he comes to the room looking for Raegan and is upset when she isn’t there because he needs help studying for a test.  The thing about Levi is that he can read, but he just can’t comprehend, so he needs to listen to books and lectures to be able to understand them.  Cath ends up reading The Outsiders to him so that he won’t fail his class, and the end up snuggled on her bed as the evening goes on.  When Cath finishes the book, Levi kisses her and they fall asleep, and I’m all, “YAY!  THEY KISSED!” But the next morning Raegan walks in and finds them sleeping together, and Cath is still under the impression that Raegan and Levi are dating.


Cath finds out that Raegan and Levi aren’t dating, and haven’t been for a while.  Raegan encourages Cath to go after Levi and so Cath decides that she’ll go to a party that Levi invites her to.  When they get there though, they see Levi kissing some other girl.  Cath is of course devastated, and I’m all 


because obviously there had to be some conflict.  Levi and Cath couldn’t just flawlessly become a couple and that be that.  Anyways, from then on out she avoids him as much as she can and she convinces Raegan to not let on that they know he kissed the other girl.  In the midst of avoiding Levi, Cath has been writing with Nick twice a week.  After last time they write together she finds out that Nick was using her as an editor basically, so now he’s out also. Eventually, her dad goes off the deep end, so during finals week she tries to find a way to get to him and of course the only way she can get there is by getting a ride from Levi.  While sitting in the waiting room they talk about what she’s angry at him and he tells her that his kiss with her, as well as the kiss with the random girl, was just a kiss, and I love what she says,

Levi.”  She cut him off and looked him straight in the eye, trying to look stern despite her tears.  “I can’t thank you enough for bringing me here.  But I couldn’t mean this more:  I’d like it if you left now.  I don’t just kiss people.  Kisses aren’t. . . just with me.  That’s why I’ve been avoiding you.  That’s why I’d like to avoid you now.  Okay?”

At this point, I got kind of worried that maybe I’d read everything wrong with Levi, but boy was I wrong.  Cath has attempted to get to drop out of college, but her dad won’t have it, so she’s back at school worrying about seeing Levi, and when she finally does see him, he says something that just made me tear up.

“I mean, I spent four months trying to kiss you and the last six weeks trying to figure out how I managed to [mess] everything up.  All I want now is to make it right, to make you see how sorry I am and why you should give me another chance.  And I just want to know–are you rooting for me?  Are you hoping I pull this off?”

This came to mind after Levi’s lovely little whatever that was:


The rest of the book is just chalk full of other quotes I want to share with you, but my fangirling would just never cease if I did.  Way towards the end of the book, Nick comes sniffing around saying that he wants Cath to agree to getting recognition for the story she basically edited for him that she was under the impression they were writing together, and she says no.  Nick gets all cranky and I kind of hoped that Levi would just lay him out.  I’m very proud that Cath just turned him down flat though.  I just wish any of the following had happened:

I wish that Cath said what Inara said.


I wish that SOMEBODY (Wren, Raegan, Cath, or Levi) had said something to Nick that was similar to what Bobby says.



Or that, ya know, Levi had kicked his butt, or at least taken a page out of Captain Mal’s book and made the threat.


Anyways, the book ended happily and I really wish that there was going to be a sequel! There is one thing I would like to say though. There were things in this book that I didn’t agree with, so when I saw those sections I would just skip them, and the book was wonderful without that content.  I hope you all read it!



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