Apologies for my Obscenely Long Absence


If you’ve still stuck with me, thank you.  Between teaching preschool, tutoring, and my night classes, blogging about my books has not been at the forefront of my mind.  I’m going to tell you about all the books I read, but because it’s been a while since I read some of them I’m not exactly clear on why I liked or disliked some of them.

Okay, so, the last time I posted I was reading Dark FrostBorn of Night, and Blood on the Moon.  Dark Frost was pretty awesome.  Born of Night was interesting.   I liked the two main characters together and would be interested in reading the rest of the series.  Blood on the Moon was unexpected.  What I mean is that when it started I was like, “This chick is irritating. . . and stupid,” but as the story went on, I found that I was drawn into it more. . . Mostly because of her love interest; he was fantabulous.

I read City of Bones, and wasn’t sure I was going to continue reading this series because of something that happens in the book.  Otherwise, the book was great.  I loved Clary and Jace together, but I still felt bad for Simon.  I gave in and read spoilers to see if I wanted to continue the series, and I did.  

I also read Hearts at Stake, which is a vampire book.  Basically on a vamps sixteenth birthday, they actually turn into vampires; before their sixteenth birthday, they could do human stuff.  I really enjoyed the book and would highly recommend this book.  

I also read Sweet Peril, and I loved it!  I’ve been waiting with baited breath to be able to read it!   I also read Wake, which was a mermaid/siren type story.  It was a little weird, but I liked it and I can’t wait to get the next book so I can follow the story.  

I also reread Tuesdays With Morrie, which is, hands down, my most favorite book ever.  This book makes me cry every time I read it; it is touching and deep and just wonderful, as are all of the books I have read by Mitch Albom.

 I also read The Fault in our Stars.  Oh my gosh.  This book.  My feels.  I didn’t know how I would handle a book that dealt strongly with cancer since my grandma was killed by cancer, but I handled it very well.  I cried a lot when certain things happened, and “okay” is not just a word anymore.  I highly recommend this book.  It broke my feels, but in a very refreshing way. . . That sounds weird, but that is the only way I can describe it.  

I also read Temptation and was completely, COMPLETELY disappointed in it.  This book is the first in a trilogy about an “English” girl that falls in love with an Amish boy and their struggle to be together.  Other than the instalove, this book started out great, but soon Rose and Noah were just making me completely insane.  They were immature and absolutely NOT mature enough to be in a serious, committed relationship with each other.  At one point Noah even thinks that he should have gotten Rose pregnant so their parents would have to let them be together; at that point the book disgusted me so much that I knew I couldn’t read the rest of the trilogy.  Noah was not romantic.  Noah was a controlling, stubborn, selfish, pig.  A pig I tell you!   Anyways, moving on.  

I read Chasing McCree, which was pretty good.  Basically  popular cheerleader falls for unpopular rancher and BAM!  happily ever after.  

The guy I went to the concert with has been lending me Indiana Jones books, and I’m really enjoying them.  I read Indiana Jones and the Peril at Delphi, and it was very good.  I would strongly recommend reading it.  I also read Indiana Jones and the Dance of the Giants, as well as Indiana Jones and the Interior World.  I really enjoyed the books and would highly recommend them.  The book Indy blends well with movie Indy. . . I love Indy.  

I also read City of Glass and City of Ashes, both of which I thoroughly enjoyed.  

I reread Perfect Chemistry.  I enjoyed it just like I did the first time.  

For my book club, I had to read The Taken, which started out pretty good, but was actually pretty disappointing.  The story is about this dude named Grif and this chick named Kit.  Grif is a Centurion, a human that  died a violent death and now has to help others get to the Everlast after they die.  Kit is a reporter working on a dangerous story.  Grif and Kit’s worlds collide when Grif allows a dead person to return to their body for a few minutes, and they end up altering the future.  The book made it sound like we were going to find out about why Grif was killed, but alas that was not so.  It was irritating and as the case Kit was working on became more exposed I felt disgusted.  

I also read Asking for It, and I found the story to be a good one.  The main character was exhaustingly stupid at some points, but the story was still a very good one and I would recommend it.  

I also read Designer Genes:  The Boyfriend Cutand I had really high hopes for it.  In the beginning, it reminded me a little bit of The Selection, but it was most definitely NOT like The Selection at all.  I really thought that Marli was going to fall for a different guy, but instead, basically out of nowhere she falls for someone else.  Marli was irritating and made out with almost every guy she came into contact with.  I can’t really explain why I was disappointed with this book, I just was.  I know that it irritated me that the book went on as long as it did; after Marli decided who she really wanted and that she was committed the book could have been over, but it went on and on and on.  I’m positive that the only reason the book went on so long was so that their could be more make out scenes.  I swear!  Also, the author attempted to set us up for the second book, but it just felt forced and weird.  I don’t know if I’ll read it’s sequel or not, but I probably wouldn’t recommend this one.

Okay guys, I saved the best. . . or worst, depending on who you ask, for last.  I read Allegiant.   I was so looking forward to this book.  I wanted to see what happened with Tris and Four.  I wanted to see what was outside of their world.  I wanted to be wildly impressed and love this book.  Mostly, I was impressed with this book, but I was distraught and agitated over the ending.  If you haven’t read the book, but are planning to skip the rest of this paragraph.  Okay guys.  Veronica Roth did the most cruel thing an author could do.  She surpassed J.K. Rowling and Suzanne Collins in my opinion.  She killed Tris.  She killed her MAIN CHARACTER.  Tris made it to survive the death serum, and got shot twice and died.  Four was distraught and almost took memory serum to forget her so he could stop hurting, but Christina was able to talk him down off of the proverbial ledge.  I am so shocked by this, what feels like betrayal, that I am wary of all of my authors now.  I see the cover of a book that looks at all daunting and I immediately feel anxious and think, “That author is going to kill his or her main character.”  It is absolutely ridiculous.  If you can’t trust anyone else you should be able to trust your authors.

The books I’m reading right now are Juliet Immortal, 3:59, and Indiana Jones and the Unicorn’s Legacy.  

I just started Juliet Immortal this morning, and I’m only one chapter in, so I’m not quite sure what it is about yet.  

I am reading 3:59 for book club, and I am really enjoying it.  Basically, there is this girl, Josie Byrne, whose life is just spiraling out of control; her mom and dad split up and her boyfriend is a complete jerk.  One day, at 3:59 weird stuff starts happening, not to mention the strange killings that have been going on for a week or so in her town.  Josie starts having these weird dreams, where she sees a girl who looks just like her, but is not her.  Josie also starts being able to see through a mirror into the world of this other girl, Jo Byrne.  Josie figures out that she’s actually seeing a parallel universe, and she switches with Jo for the day.  The grass is always greener on the other side, right?  Wrong.

Indiana Jones and the Unicorn’s Legacy finds Indy searching for caves that haven’t been looked at since the Ice Age.  As per usual, Indy runs into a lovely lady that is sure to be his love interest.  I’m not sure how the alicorn (unicorn horn) is going to play into things when Indy goes to Colorado for the summer, but I’m sure I’ll find out!  I’m only about forty pages in, so don’t judge my lack of knowledge on this subject.

Happy reading!



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