Hey everyone!

Sorry for my absence!  I’ve been really busy lately!  I’ve been doing a lot of stuff for my job and classes and spent the weekend in Chicago with a bunch of friends!  It was awesome. . . except for the part where I picked up on that the guy I like apparently likes the other girl we were hanging out with.  Can you say bummer??  Oh well, there are other fish in the sea.

Okay, so I finished Inferno and can I just say the ending of that book was just crazy!  I was not expecting how anything went down and I have no idea how the problems are going to be resolved in the next book.  Stressful!  I absolutely loved this book though!  Adarian definitely threw me for a loop.  Read this series people!  Read it!

The next book I finished was The Vincent Brothers, and I just have to say I wasn’t that impressed.  All I heard about was how Lana was so in love with Sawyer and how Sawyer wanted to use Lana to make Ashton jealous and blah, blah, blah.  Just wondering, if any of you all found out that the person you were into was using you to make his or her ex jealous would you be okay with that and just let him?  No?  Good.  That’s exactly what Lana does because Sawyer is such a smooth talker.  That boy is slicker than Uncle Jesse’s hair. . . No offense to Uncle Jesse because I totally love him, but still.  I think Sawyer really did grow to like Lana and didn’t want to use her anymore, but he always put Ashton first, even after he had this big to do about how Ashton would never come first again.  Granted, when he did let Ashton take the front seat for a minute after his big to do it was kind of a big deal thing, but he did NOT represent himself or the situation well.  I would not recommend this book my friends.  No way, no how.

The next book I read was Everneath, which is about a girl named Nikki who reminds me of Persephone.  She was taken into Everneath to “feed” Cole her emotions for a hundred years.  After the Feed she decides to go home to the face she can’t forget, Jack.  Cole is horrified because Nikki choosing to leave will doom her to the Tunnels where she’ll spend eternity as a “battery” for Everneath.  Before Nikki chooses to Return Cole is all stunned because she remembers who she is and that is an uncommon thing for Forfeits.  Read this book people!  I would highly recommend it!

Next, I read Hereafter, which is about Amelia, a ghost.  Amelia isn’t sure how or when she died, she just knows for sure that she died in the water under High Bridge.  One day, after reliving her death, Amelia sees a car crash into the water.  Somehow the handsome boy inside the car dies, but he comes back to life.  Most important of all, he can see Amelia.  Amelia’s afterlife is never the same after Joshua sees her.  She finds out who she is, how she died, and why she died, but there are forces in her world and in his determined to keep them from being together.  I would recommend this book.  It wasn’t the most wonderful book I ever read, but I rooted for Jack and Amelia, and I needed to know what happened.

Through out all that I was trying to read The Princess Bride.  First, I felt like it was pretty boring, which it pretty much was, but as I’ve gone along I’ve grown to like it more.  One problem I have with the book is that the movie is so similar to it, that it is a little boring to read.

At the time I am reading Dark FrostBorn of Night, and Blood on the Moon.  I’ve been waiting forever to read Dark Frost.  Dark Frost follows Gwen, a gypsy girl at Mythos Academy.  I don’t really remember what happened in the last book but this series is AWESOME!  I would highly recommend it!  Born of Night is the book I’m reading for my book club.  This book is about Nykyrian and Kiara.  Nykyrian used to be a really kick butt assassin, but then his boss (The League) wanted him to kill a kid, so he quit.  Kiara was kidnapped by some nasty dudes but was rescued by a guy named Syn and the baddest dude in the world, Nemesis.  I personally think that Nemesis is Nykyrian but I’m only on chapter three so who knows.  I haven’t actually read any of Blood on the Moon yet, but I’m excited to!

Happy reading!


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