Just an Update

Hey guys!

Well, I have some exciting news!  I got a job as a preschool teacher!  I’m so excited!  Also, one of my friends invited me to join a book club she’s in so I’m excited about that!  The book I am supposed to read for book club is called Born of Night.  

I finished reading Predestined and it was pretty good.  I felt bad for Leif and I TOTALLY felt bad for Miranda.  I’m excited that Gee is in this book too.  I’m not going to talk very much about the book though since I just talked about Existence with you all.  One thing I do have to say though is from this book forward the books steadily got to seeming less YA and more NA, which I found rather disappointing.

The next book I read was Leif.  I’m not really clear on where Abbi Glines is going with this book.  This book is basically just “important” snippets and random snippets from Leif’s point of view.

The last book I read was Ceaseless.  My main reaction to this book?  What.  On.  Earth?!  Seriously this was the most pointless book in a series I have ever read.  Normally the second book in the series is the worst, but this was not the case in this series.  Basically, Dank and Pagan have brought down the wrath of “the Deity” and Pagan’s memory was erased so she didn’t remember Dank.  She was given the opportunity to reconnect with her soul mate and if she still chose Dank then he could keep her.  Okay in the first book Pagan’s soul was GIVEN to Dank, they said it was was his.  The Creator said it belonged to him.  Why, pray tell, all of a sudden is that just null and void?  Throughout the whole story Pagan never once shows interest in her supposed soul mate and she only wants to be with Dank.  I wouldn’t bother reading anymore of the books after the second one.  As far as I know this is the last one.

Honestly, the idea for the Existence series is awesome, but it just wasn’t very well written.  There were too many inexplicable, random things.  I’m pretty sure the series is over but I still have questions, I am not at all satisfied with the way things ended.  If the series picks up and goes on I probably will read it, but not because I actually enjoy it anymore, I just need to know what happens.

The book I started next is The Vincent Brothers.  This is the sequel to The Vincent Boys and this book is about Ash’s cousin Lana trying to hook Sawyer, Ash’s ex-boyfriend and Beau’s brother that everyone thought was his cousin.  I think this book will be pretty good, but I love Beau and Ash and would rather have had another book about them.

I’ve gotten farther in Infernoand I am loving it!  I love the Nick books.  I’m feeling all stressed out for Nick because he almost got taken out by a chandelier because some invisible being is speaking in his head telling him that he’s going to be the end of Nick.

Happy reading!



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