Major Procrastination

Hello everyone!

I hope you all have been well!  This week I’m helping with VBS (Vacation Bible School) and I am LOVING that!  I get to lead around the oldest group of kids and last night one of my dear friends from high school got to help me out!  My group of kids learned how to double dutch last night and they loved that!  I even got to double dutch too and once I got the hang of it again I was pretty good!  I’m really digging the music we have at VBS this year!  You all should check out the Go Fish Guys sometime!  If you listen to any of their music you should check out My GodGlory, and I’m a Soldier in the Army of the Lord!  I really love those songs!

Okay, before I even start talking about books I would just like to say that I don’t understand why YA books need to have mature content in them.  I don’t need mature content to be able to enjoy a book, in fact I just skip it when I come to it because I just don’t want to read it.  There are books that I read and have read that would be just fine without mature content.   Rant over.

The last time I posted I was in the midst of reading Tempest Rising and Rage.  I’ve finished both of those.  Tempest Rising was pretty stellar.  I highly  recommend you read it!  I fell in love with the story and the characters.  There was on part that I really hated, where I wished things could have gone differently but it is what it is.  I didn’t like Rage as much as I thought I would but I would still recommend it, and the rest of its series.

I read  Something Like Normal and it wasn’t awful, but it wasn’t wonderful either.  The story is about Travis, who just got back from Afghanistan, where one of his friends was killed.  When Travis returns home his dad is cheating on his mom, his brat of a younger brother stole his girlfriend and his car, and he is suffering from PTSD (if I remember correctly).  For whatever reason his skanky ex keeps coming around for late night hook-up and the dirty dog just lets her, even though he has hooked a really great girl.  It was really hard to respect Travis when he kept fooling around with his ex behind his brother’s back.  I really felt for Travis about his friend.  This was a good story, but honestly I probably won’t ever read it again and might just delete it off my Nook since I was left so under dazzled.  Read it, don’t read it, I’m leaving this one up to you all.

The next book that I read was Ingo.  This was honestly the most boring book I’ve read in forever.  I was not captured by the story after the first hundred pages.  I was highly underwhelmed and was disappointed with where the story went.  I couldn’t stand the main character.  She was childish, selfish, and annoying.  Another thing that bothered me about this book was that the author, as far as I could tell, never really said how old the characters were.  I thought that they might be like fifteen and seventeen or sixteen and eighteen but like I said the main character was just too childish.  In one review I read they said something about the girl being like twelve or thirteen, which I could see.  I read this book just to tell you guys not to read it.  Don’t read it.  Seriously.  I saw very mixed reviews when I rated this book on Goodreads, some people loved it and some people hated it.

The next book I read was My Life Next Door.  I really enjoyed this story and it would have been fine without the mature content.  I absolutely loved Jase.  Seriously if I could find a Jase Garrett I’d be thrilled.  This story is about Samantha.  Samantha lives next door to the Garretts and when her and her sister are young their mother tells them that they shouldn’t have anything to do with the Garretts but Samantha can’t resist watching them.  One day Jase climbs up the trellis to Samantha’s window and they talk and pretty much insta love occurs.  Samantha is friends with Tim and Nan (brother and sister).  Tim is deep in addiction and eventually gets out of it and becomes the friend that he always used to be to Samantha, while Nan just deserves to get socked in the face and held back a grade or something that would be equally horrifying to her.  Samantha’s mother is a piece of work later on in the story thanks to her manipulative boyfriend.  I would recommend this book to people who just want a touching story.

Next, I read Starkissed and I LOVED it!  Starkissed is about a girl named Sydney who goes to New York to spend time with her sister and after the most wonderful kiss gets the biggest shock of her life.  Seriously guys just read this book!  If I tell you anymore about it I’ll end up ruining the whole story for you and that would be a shame.  

Next, I read Loss, which is the book that comes after Rage.  This book was, in my opinion so much better than its predecessor.  Loss centers on Billy, the guy who always gets picked on.  When Billy was five he was tricked by Famine and now has to kind of, not totally, take his place.  I really enjoyed this book and would highly recommend it.

I also read Breath, which is the final book in The Riders of the Apocalypse series.  This book was stellar.  I had moments of ohnygosh and moments of whoa!  This book focuses on Death and a boy named Xander who seems to have it all.  Read this book people!  Please, please, please!

Finally, I read Existence.  Ladies, if you read this book and you respond like me at all you will sa-woon.  This book focuses on Pagan.  Pagan is just your ordinary, average girl that can see dead people.  Pagan has to tutor the class hottie, Lief, who she hates.  The better she gets to know Lief the more she likes him.  One day after feeling embarrassed and stupid for liking him Pagan gets in an accident and is saved by a guy that only she can see. . . that is until he starts attending her high school and is, apparently, rocker, Dank Walker.  I would also highly recommend this book.  I devoured this book people. 

Right now I am reading Predestined, which is the sequel to Existence.  I am also reading Inferno, the newest book in the Chronicles of Nick.  Nick is upset because he just recently found out that the love of his life, Nekoda, was sent to kill him.  Nekoda is upset too, but for different reasons.  Nekoda believes that Nick can be saved from his demon nature and doesn’t want to kill him even though the kill order has finally been given.

Happy reading!



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