Trying Something New

Hey guys!

Okay!  I’m going to try something new for a bit; I’m going to talk about goings on in my life at the beginning of the post and then talk about books and ask questions at the end.  I think I’m also going to try to have a post a week about movies and/or books vs. movies (like it was a book and was made into a movie).

So what’s new in my life?  Well, yesterday our mama kitty took all four of our kittens out into the road and then to parts unknown and then returned without them.  Needless to say we weren’t happy but she brought them home at about nine o’clock last night and we were so relieved.  On Monday I found out that I passed the ridiculous test I had to take to get my AAT!  THe crazy part is I had a better score in math than I did English and writing. . . I think the world must be turning upside down!  

Okay!  So I started and finished My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century.  This story is about a girl named Cat who can’t stand her dad’s new fiancee.  Cat is always in the spotlight because of her mother’s serial marrying.  Cat’s dad’s fiancee wants to through a Sweet Sixteen party for Cat, but Cat has absolutely no interest in it.  Cat gets to go on a tour and explore for a few hours on her own while they’re all in Italy.  When she’s supposed to head back to the hotel she sees a gypsy tent and goes in to have her fortune read.  Her life completely changes with that one choice.  I would highly recommend this story!

The next book I read was Hunger, which is the first book in the Riders of the Apocalypse series. This book centers on Lisa, an anorexic teenager that just became Famine.  Lisa received the “office” of Famine when she was working on overdosing on some of her mothers pills.  She receives a set of skills as the symbol of her “office.”  Lisa is friends with Tammy, who also has an eating disorder and encourages Lisa’s eating disorder.  There were parts of this book that were so heartbreaking.  I don’t understand how people could feel so bad about themselves that they would end up with an eating disorder in their quest to feel good about themselves.  I would highly recommend this book.  One thing that really stuck with me about this book was the dedication, it read, “If you have ever looked in the mirror and hated what you saw, this book is for you.”  All of Jackie Morse Kessler’s dedications say something like that and that just really touches me.

The last book I read was Sever.  I realized while I was reading this book that I ship Linden and Rhine.  For those of you who don’t know shipping a couple means that you think they should be a couple, even if they aren’t in their universe.  This book was just chalk full of craziness and twists and there was one part that broke my heart a little bit.  There was another part that I didn’t really see coming and that seemed way too easy.  Overall I enjoyed this book and would highly recommend it and the rest of the series!

The Nook Book that I’m reading right now is called Tempest Rising.  This story is about a girl named Tempest who is part mermaid.  When she was eleven she was almost dragged out to sea by a creepy sea witch and a week later her mom returned to the sea, ditching her, her brothers, and her dad.  Her mom left her and her brothers each a letter and Tempest’s letter explains that on her seventeenth birthday she’ll get to decide if she wants to stay on land or become a mermaid and live in the ocean.  Tempest is starting to feel like she isn’t going to have a choice and that her body is going to choose for her.  Tempest goes surfing with her boyfriend and all their guy friends every morning.  One particular morning, Tempest catches a wave and as soon as she’s up on her board her legs “turn to jelly” and she wipes out.  When she’s underwater her legs won’t obey her so she tries to swim to the surface with just the strength of her arms.  She’s pulled farther under by a current and gives up, at which point her legs fuse together to become a tail and she’s able to swim to the surface and her boyfriend, Mark, tows her to land.  After her near-death ordeal they all decide they need to go home since they’re going to be late for class.  Tempest tries to escape Mark since he isn’t letting things go and they end up having a sort of fight.  When Tempest finally makes it to school she’s almost late and is soaked to the bone.  Lately, she’s been freezing all the time and her skin is uber sensitive to touch, like if Mark touches her it hurts her.  During her American Lit class, Tempest finds out her body has developed gills, so she flips out and leaves school.  As she’s driving along she notices a splash of red out in the ocean.  This splash of red happens to be a very attractive, very mysterious dude named, Kona. . . I’m pretty sure Tempest is going to end up with Kona. . . Just saying.

I also started Rage, which is about a girl named Missy who becomes the new War and receives a giant sword as the symbol of her “office.”  Missy is a cutter and if I understood correctly she killed her cat before Death made her War. . . I don’t know.  Either way I haven’t gotten very far but I’m looking forward to reading more.

So guys, what is the most inspirational book you’ve ever read?  Mine was probably Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom.  I really love getting feedback from you guys!

Happy reading!


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