Happy 4th of July!

Hello everyone!

Happy fourth of July!  I hope you all have a wonderful day and stay safe!

Well, I finished Time Between Us and I LOVED it!  It was one of the best books I’ve read all year!    People if you don’t read anything else this year please read this book.  I had no idea how anything was going to turn out, I was guessing until the very end.  There are things that happen in the story that made me just want to scream/squeal.  For a while I couldn’t figure out why Bennet was so awesome one minute and such a jerk the next and then everything started to make sense.  I loved Anna and Bennet’s relationship!  I loved watching it evolve and it felt real, even with the time travel aspect of it all.  When I first started reading the book I was like how on earth is this going to work out she’s like at least thirty-two and he’s like sixteen.  The pieces all come together and it started making sense.  I’m just going to warn you now that there is one part, closer to the end of the book, that is just pretty upsetting if you’ve been rooting for their relationship.  I was happy with the ending though.  I can’t really even describe to you all how top-notch and awesome this book is!  I’m so looking forward to Time After Time because I really want to see what happens.

Yesterday, I did finish What a Boy Wants, and like I thought I highly recommend it.  I “started” Sever yesterday.  I haven’t begun reading it yet but it is the next Nook book I’m planning on reading.  Today, I started My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century and I’m only four pages in but I can already tell I’m going to like it.  Cat, our heroine, is on a plane with her dad and his fiancee and the fiancee is apparently planning a sweet sixteen party for Cat.  The only problem?  Cat has no interest in the party and her dad pretty much seems like a stranger that always sides with Jenna, the fiancee.  This is also a time travel book.

Okay, so yesterday was a pretty awesome day.  I was giddy and in a good mood the whole day.  Partly because of lunch with the boy. . . Okay if I’m being honest it was mostly because of the lunch with the boy.  Yesterday I text him to tell him I had enjoyed lunch and said maybe we should do it again sometime.  I’ve never heard back from him but that’s okay! =)  What are you all doing for the fourth?  I’ll probably read a lot. . . and watch movies.  I really like quotes so I think I might start putting a random book/movie/T. V. show quote in each of my posts.  Would you guys like that?  My quote for today is from Time Between Us.  I realize this quote isn’t like deep but I enjoyed it.  It made me giggle and it is so true.  If I think a guy is cute I don’t care if I know him or not he’s still cute.

“‘Look at you.  You think he’s cute.’  She draws out the words as her accent intensifies.  

‘I don’t even know him.’  

‘You don’t have to know him to think he’s cute'” (Stone 44).

Happy reading you all!




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2 responses to “Happy 4th of July!

  1. catblix

    Time Between Us sounds really good. Have you read the time traveler’s wife? I haven’t. I’ve seen part of the movie though and I liked it.


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