Okay guys, I realize this is totally random and has nothing to do with anything but I’m watching Ever After and a thought struck me.  There are like four versions of Cinderella (movie wise), that I know of.  There is Disney’s CinderellaElla EnchantedEver After, and Cinderella with Brandy.  

I haven’t watched the Brandy version of Cinderella more than twice so I’m not going to pass judgement on it but I will say I feel like Cinderella in the Disney version is pretty much a shrinking violet.  I realize that her step-family is absolutely heinous, but I just don’t really like her all that much.  

Now, Ella from Ella Enchanted I like her.  Book her. . . Not so much movie her.  In the book she is willing to give up love to protect Char and the kingdom.  Not only does she have jerky step-relatives but her dad is heinous and she’s cursed to always, always do as she’s told.  

Finally, Danielle from Ever After.  Danielle is kick-butt.  I don’t think Cinderella or Ella would sucker punch either of their step-sisters in the face, but Danielle did and she also, unknowingly at first, chucked apples at the prince to protect her farm and her father’s horse from being stolen.  Danielle had moments that she irritated me, but she was her own person.  Everything she did, she did out of love.  Danielle wasn’t a princess or anyone of notoriety.  She dressed as a courtier to save a servant and ended up having to go under an assumed name, her mother’s name.  One of her step-sisters isn’t evil, and is even mistreated by her own mother and sister, which eventually drives her to kind of befriend and side with Danielle.  When push comes to shove she threatens to kill a pervy, creeper man for her freedom and instead of having her step-mother and her evil step-sister killed she has them made into servants like she was.  

What do you guys think?  Do your opinions differ from mine?  I’d love to hear them if they do.

Have a good day!




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8 responses to “Cinderella

  1. ha ha great post 🙂


  2. I LOVE Ever After, I think it’s definitely my favourite version…film wise at least. Drew Barrymore is awesome in it, and those wings!!! OMG want! You’ve just reminded me of that other one too with Hilary Duff in it (I think). So-bad-it-was-good!!


  3. I agree. The Danielle version was fantastic, I watch it all the time. And I have never been fond of the Disney princesses. They are far to cliche and pansy to be honest. Great post.


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