Hey guys!

You’ll be happy to know that I finally finished Invisibility!  I was honestly pretty disappointed in the story.  It had its good point but I just wasn’t happy with the ending.  If you like a book that references Harry Potter and mentions the TARDIS from Dr. Who then you might enjoy this book, but I’m not going to give it a rave review.  

The next Nook Book I”m reading is Freeing Carter.  All I know about it so far is that Carter lives with his alcoholic mother and his special needs sister.  His dad is gone which I think means he is dead, and his step-father left his mother because she couldn’t get over Carter’s dad.

I started Time Between Us.  Anna lives in Chicago in 1995.  In 2012 she gives a letter to a boy in San Francisco and he has no idea who she is.  In 1995 Anna is running on the track like she does every morning before school, when she looks up into the stands and notices an attractive stranger.  After a couple more laps, she notices that the guy has vanished.  She runs up the bleachers and notices that the only footprints there are hers coming to the bleachers and his from where he was sitting, but not any footprints leaving.  She automatically assumes that she’s going bonkers.  When she gets a ride to school with her best friend, Emma, she finds out that there is going to be a new student from California.  When they get to school Anna sees him and he’s *dun dun dun* the bleacher boy!  Bleacher boy’s name is Bennet.  At lunch Anna tells Emma and their other friend, Danielle about the Bennet bleacher incident and then Emma drags him over and he acts like he doesn’t remember it but has a minor spaz fest when he finds out who Anna is.  This is all very mysterious. . . Just so you all know this is a time travel book so I’m wondering if it is kind of like The Time Traveler’s Wife, but I have no idea.  I actually got to meet Tamara Ireland Stone at RT and she was so nice!  When I bought her book I asked if I could get a picture with her and she wanted one on her camera too!  She was such a sweet lady!

Lately, my reading has been suffering because I have been watching Pirates of the CaribbeanX-MenTransformers, and various other movies.  I feel pretty excited about some of the stuff coming up!  On July 9th is The Host on DVD, July 26th is the new Wolverine movie in theaters, in August is the Three Days Grace concert, and in October is the release of Allegiant. 

Happy reading everyone!


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