An Awesome Day!

Hey guys!

Well!  At like midnight I finished Freeing Carter.  For a self-published book it was pretty good.  I felt so bad for Carter because of some of the circumstances in his life.  I feel like this book had a case of insta-love in the case of Carter and one of his love interests, but that’s okay.  Sometimes insta-love can be enjoyable.  I would recommend this book, it was much better than Invisibility

I haven’t made much more progress in Time Between Us, but I really like what I’ve read so far!  Last night, I started reading What a Boy Wants and The Hook-Up Doctor’s Guide both by Nyrae Dawn.  I finished The Hook-Up Doctor’s Guide and I really enjoyed it, aside from grammatical errors.  What a Boy Wants is about Sebastian, the hook-up doctor.  He helps girls get their man, for a price.  The girl he’s currently helping is after one of her friends and Sebastian knows he can help her get the guy.  The thing is that Sebastian guarantees that the girls can hook the guys, he never says anything about keeping them.  Sebastian is a very jaded person after watching his mother’s love life.  Other important people in the story are Aspen, Pris, and Jayden.  I only have about sixteen pages left in this book so I’m just going to go ahead and tell you that I highly recommend it.

Guess what guys!  We found a transmission for my car!  Yay!  I also won a contest and am going to be receiving some books here soon!  And!  I had lunch with the guy today and it was so fun!  I asked if I could ride with him since I was parked across campus and he said he’d been planning on it!  Aaah!  People this guy is awesome!  He’s a nerd like me and he always makes me laugh.  I feel so jazzed!  I really hope he likes me too!

Happy reading!


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