A Crazy Kind of Day

Hey guys!

First of all, I’ve gotten behind in my posting again, but not nearly as bad as last time.  Secondly, today I learned that there are still kind-hearted strangers in this world that will commit random acts of kindness even if they don’t really know you.  Finally, I got my cousin hooked on the Divergent series and The Selection series!  How exciting it is to spread the book love!

I finished The Indigo Spell the other day and let me just say oh my goodness!  I have not fangirled more over a book in a while.  There was an exciting occurrence that I had been looking forward to for a long, long time and then shortly after bad news happened but I was so excited that I could really care less.  I seriously recommend all of the Bloodlines series and the Vampire Academy series.  I promise you will not regret reading them!

The next book I read was Full Moon Kisses.  This book was about werewolves and as far as I know was that last book in Ellen Schreiber’s Once in a Full Moon trilogy.  I have always really loved her books but I found myself disappointed in this book.  It seemed very early teenager-ish which I hadn’t really noticed about her books before.  I would tell you all more about this book but some of you may want to read the rest of the series so just let me say that the main man in the book is very crush worthy.  Very.

Next, I read The Moon and More by Sarah Dessen.  I absolutely love her books!  The only book of hers I have ever detested was Dreamland.  Seriously, I hated that book and I would not recommend that book.  Anyways, back to The Moon and More.  This book is about Emaline, a girl who grew up without really knowing her biological father.  Her bio dad has just basically been a huge disappointment; he offered to pay for her tuition to college and then we she got accepted at a big school he told her he couldn’t pay and then started ignoring her, even skipping out on her graduation.  Her mom had her when she was a teenager and aside from some e-mails and a yearly lunch Emaline hasn’t ever spent time with her dad.  She works with her mom, her grandma, and her sisters at Colby Realty and her boyfriend works for them as a pool boy.  Emaline meets a guy named Theo and his boss Ivy and they play a pretty big role in the story.  I’m just going to stop right now and let you know that I was hugely disappointed in Emaline’s boyfriend, Luke.  I would highly recommend reading this book, I really enjoyed it and I found a pretty awesome quote in it (this is the quote that I marked with eyeliner).  One thing I really enjoyed about this book was that there was some stuff to it that I could relate to.  I realize I am going to be spoiling part of the story so for until the next paragraph read at your own risk.  Okay, Emaline and Luke had been dating for three years, same for me and my ex.  Their relationship started out great but lately they’d been fighting and nitpicking each other, same with me and my ex.  Luke was talking to another girl but supposedly did nothing but it still counts as cheating, again same for my ex.  Those three things just really stood out to me because they were just like my relationship.  There were things about Luke and Emaline’s relationship that were absolutely NOT like my relationship but it was almost eerie the things that were alike.  Also, there was a school in the area of the book that is also a school in the area I live in.  How funny!

The book I read to day was Heart to Heart by Lurlene McDaniel.  Just like all of her books, this one made me cry, but not a big long sob fest, just some tears running down my face.  This book is about Kassey, whose best friend, Elowyn is killed in a car wreck and her organs are donated, the book also centers on Arabeth, the recipient of Elowyn’s heart.  The book is basically about their journey towards dealing with the loss of Elowyn and getting used to Arabeth exhibiting behaviors of Elowyn.  I would highly recommend this book and any other book by Lurlene McDaniel.

The book I started today was Reaching Through Time, which is also by Lurlene McDaniel.  It is a collection of three short stories that, if I understand correctly, are time travel stories.  I’m only about a chapter in but I am so excited to be reading books by her again!

I’m still working on Invisibility.  Honestly, the last few books I’ve read have been books I’ve been dying to read by authors I adore, which has kind of caused me to lose interest in Invisibility, which is pretty sad.  I promise that I will try harder to finish this book ASAP!

This week has been kind of a bummer, while working on hay our baler kept having issues and now some of the hay that I raked got rained on, which for those of you who don’t know is a bad deal, my mom’s cat has disappeared and we are pretty sure it is dead, and today the transmission in my car gave out.  I was feeling very sad about my car so I went to Starbucks (my mom lent me her car) and was going to get a drink.  I had a migraine and was just not quite with it at that point.  I went inside hoping that the cute Starbucks guy would be there but I didn’t see him so I was just like oh well I can still have my drink.  I made my way to the counter and was trying to order but due to my migraine induced brain malfunctions I couldn’t verbalize what I wanted.  The nice lady taking my order asked if it was one of those days so I told her about my car dilemma and she asked me if it would make my day better if she got my drink for me and I said yeah.  In my migraine induced stupor I thought she was meaning she was going to get right on my drink, but that was not the case.  The lady paid for my drink, even though I was just a random stranger. . . Sorta. . . I go in there a lot and when she recognizes me she calls me vanilla bean girl but I was just floored that there were still strangers in this world that were so generous and kind-hearted.  First chance I get, I’m paying it forward!  I realized while I was writing this post that I “highly recommend” almost every book I talk about.  The reason why I do that is because I only read books that I think I’m going to like or I only read authors I already know I like, or that come highly recommended by my friends. . . Catblix if you’re reading this I’m still not to sure about Blood Red Road, I haven’t started it since the last time I tried to read it but I’m not very optimistic.

Happy reading everyone!


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4 responses to “A Crazy Kind of Day

  1. catblix

    Hmm… I wondered if you knew it was me. lol.
    Just tryyyyyy Blood Red Road. I read the books that you loan me. fair is fair 😛


  2. catblix

    hee hee you should finish it.


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