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Hello everyone,

Well, today I didn’t get much reading in.  What little reading I did get done was in The Indigo Spell and oh my goodness.  Have I mentioned before that I am a big fan of the Sydrian pairing?  Yes?  No?  Maybe?  Well, I am, in a BIG way!  So far this book does not disappoint on fueling my love of these two as a possible couple!  Anyways, Sydney, is once again having to deal with magic, and just like always she is NOT pleased about it.  Sydney also finally finds Marcus Finch and has to put up with flack from Jill because Marcus is a good lookin’ dude and could be potential competition for Adrian.  Adrian and Sydney are running around California trying to find six different girls to try and save them from a magic induced coma and super aging.  I’m sure Adrian and Sydney will save the day, but Sydney better not end up with or end up developing feelings for Marcus, or I will freak out.  I’m a fangirl.  Don’t judge me.

Today I watched The Phantom of the Opera and I have to say I don’t understand why people love the phantom.  The phantom is a creepy, controlling, stalker-ish, psychopath.  Maybe he is different in the book but in the movie I just can’t stand the dude.  What do you guys think?  Is the phantom a romantic and misunderstood guy or is he a creepy tool?  Another movie I watched today was Unconditional.  I seriously love that movie.  Please don’t ask me to give a synopsis or explain it, because if I tried I would just end up telling you everything that happens in the movie and that would spoil it.  This movie just really touches me and the last like twenty or thirty minutes of the movie make me cry because it speaks to me and I can relate to it on some level.  I really, really hope you all will watch the movie someday.

Happy reading!




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