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Okay, so, this should tell you something about the book I just read.  Typically, when I read books I’m able to remember the last few books I’ve read.  Today, when I finished Nevermore I was at a loss when it came to remembering the book I’d read before.  Part of the problem with the last book I read, The Last Princess, was that it just wasn’t that memorable.  The story was good but it just wasn’t captivating.  If there is another book, which I’m sure there will be because of the epilogue, I will read it but it just didn’t intrigue me as much as some other books. Basically in The Last Princess, Eliza thinks that she is the very last person in the royal family after her father is murdered and her brother and sister is kidnapped. The only reason that Eliza isn’t kidnapped alongside Jamie and Mary is because a very cute rebel pretended to not see her and told his buddies that the closet she was hiding in was empty. In order to get revenge on the man responsible for the death of her family, she joins the rebel uprising that he started. Now, you’re probably thinking to yourself, “How on earth could she join the rebels without them recognizing her?” Well, the royal family stopped having their pictures released to the public, so basically only the people that work for them know what they look like. Surprise, surprise the rebel cutie is at the camp Eliza ends up that. She eventually gets brutally attacked by some baddies in her barrack and her and rebel cutie run off to a cabin in the woods that no one knows about. After that Eliza runs away and she tries to win her family’s kingdom back and avenge her family. Like I said, the story isn’t horrible but everything just happened really fast and the story just wasn’t as dynamic as I hoped it would be.

Now Nevermore, that was a dynamic book. I was drawn in from the very first page and didn’t want to ever stop reading! The book starts out with Edgar Allen Poe getting chased around by demons until he gets into a carriage with a woman in white. Flash forward to a present day English class where cheerleader Isobel gets assigned to be partnered with the very goth (and extremely attractive in my mind) Varen. These two decide to do their project over Poe. Varen writes his number on Isobel’s hand and leaves. Isobel tells her best friend, Nikki, about the phone number incident and makes her promise not to tell Brad (Isobel’s boyfriend). Brad, of course, finds out and threatens Varen which infuriates Isobel. From this point forward, at least until an unfortunate ice cream incident, Brad and Isobel are on again off again and Isobel’s friends don’t really act like friends. Isobel soon befriends her locker neighbor, Gwen. Things with Varen and Isobel get interesting and I spend most of the book thinking, “Who cares about popularity?! Tell him how you feel, stupid!” This book was fascinating and wonderful and just stellar. I highly, highly, highly recommend this book people!

I have made some headway in Fall of Night, but not as much as I’d like. Claire has left Morganville and is living with her used to be best friend. Little does Claire know, Shane has also left Morganville and is living in the same city as her. So far I can tell that they are having somewhat petty, kinda stupid relationship problems that could easily be remedied.

Have a great day and happy reading!



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