What Craziness. . .

Hey everyone!

Well, I finished Bitter Blood.  Let me just say, ohmygoodness!  This was one the most stressfull books of this series!  I had no idea what was going to happen or how anything was going to be resolved.  Normally, I am very good at figuring out what is going to happen, but not this time.  So Oliver is apparently in league with Naomi to bring down Amelie.  This is very, very not good.  As horrible and anti-human Oliver is, Naomi is WORSE!  Some of the stuff in the book felt somewhat pointless to me.  At one point Claire has an interaction with someone and she feels guilty about it but then those feelings are never dredged up again, which I felt was pretty pointless.  This book had a couple twists in it that I just didn’t see coming.

I actually made headway in The Last Princess.  So far, this story seems a little bit draggy.  Eliza, our main character, is a princess (go figure) and her mother, while pregnant was poisoned and killed.  Doctors removed the unborn baby from Eliza’s dead mother.  The poison that killed Eliza’s mother will kill Jamie, Eliza’s brother, eventually.  This is a futuristic story that takes place in Europe after the Seventeen Days.  The Seventeen Days is apparently a seventeen day long series of natural events that has England covered in smoke.

I started Fall of Night and I’m only a few pages into it but I think this might be my least favorite Morganville book yet.  I hope it gets better as it goes on.  Fun fact about this book?  Fall of Night is one of the books I got at Romantic Times and it is autographed!

So, these last few days have been hugely monumental.  When I was sixteen one of my dearest friends was murdered  alongside her parents.  On Friday the man who killed them was found guilty and yesterday he was sentence was announced and he gets the death penalty.  I had prayed long and hard about all of this.  I prayed that God would do what was best.  When I found out that the man who killed my friend was found guilty I felt like a weight was lifted from my shoulders that I didn’t even know I had been carrying around.

Happy reading!


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