Shaking Things up and Catching up

Hey everyone!

I’m just going to apologize in advance for the ridiculous length of this post. 

Sorry that its been so long since I posted!  Last thing you all knew I was reading Black Dawn  and I am Number Four.  I finished both of those last week, and since then I’ve read eleven books.  No joke.  Although, some of them I may not talk about since they were novellas.  Also I have some stuff about my life I want to tell you all about but that can wait.  Another thing, if I continue reading at the rate I’m reading I might just start doing one post per book.  What do you guys think of that?  I’d really appreciate your input.

Okay, so Black Dawn was pretty awesome, just like most of Rachel Caine’s books.  Everyone in Morganville is fighting against the draug (water vampires) and things aren’t looking too good.  Michael and Eve are being all weird after Michael almost drained Eve in the last book and Amelie is fighting for her life after being bitten by the Master draug.  Things get pretty stressful.  A character, that I really like, bites the dust and a character I could honestly care less about dies too.  Also, there is a life changing event that is going to effect everyone in Morganville.  I knew that Claire and the gang just had to save the day but I was really freaking out and wasn’t sure how they were going to pull it off this time.  If any of you like vampire books I would highly recommend the Morganville Vampires series!

Okay, I am Number Four was also very good.  I had watched the movie before I read the book so it made it hard for me to come up with my own images of the characters but it didn’t bother me too much.  The story was very good and honestly, I think I enjoyed it more than I enjoyed the movie (Shocking, I know, since the movie had Alex Pettyfer and Jake Abel, both of whom I ADORE!).  I really liked the world that Pittacus Lore created.  I liked how the Lorians look like normal human beings and that’s just how they look, instead of they chose to look human.  I CANNOT wait to read the next books in the series!  I would highly recommend these books to people but I would like to point out that they seem a little bit, uh, immature at times.

The next book that I read was a self published book called Click to Suscribe.  The story is about a boy named West who has a vlog.  There is a girl named Harper who comments on his vlog every day and he has fallen in love with her.  They finally decide to meet and Harper is not at all what he expected.  I really enjoyed this book.  It was clear that this was a self-published book and it could have used more editing but the story was cute!

The next book I read was Of Poseidon.  Oh.  My.  Goodness.  This is my new favorite series!  I love mermaid/siren stories!  So basically, this girl Emma and her BFF, Chloe, go on a trip to Florida where Emma runs into (literally) a very cute boy who will change her life forever.  Disaster strikes and Emma’s life is never the same.  I love the romance and mystery in this story.  I highly, highly recommend this series.  I also read the sequel, Of Triton, and it was great!  I can’t wait for Of Neptune to come out!  I’m not going to talk about  Of Triton since I just told all of you about Of Poseidon and I want to give you all a chance to read the story, if you want, and develop your own opinions.

The next book I read was a novella that was basically a prologue called Broken Fins.  I didn’t enjoy this novella and I highly doubt that I’ll read the next book.  This book was also self published, which was painfully apparent.  The story is about a merguy named Adam whose mother dies so he leaves his home, his family, and his abusive father.  Adam notices a girl with a guitar one day and later in the story he inadvertently alters her life in an awful way.

The next book I read was Beautiful Beast.  This book was self published but it was wonderful!  It is a modern retelling of Beauty and the Beast.  The story centers on a girl named Calli.  Calli is wildly beautiful and she knows it.  She feels like her beauty is burden.  Her friends talk her into going to the “Monster House” to try and spy on the “beast.”  Calli feels bad about it, but apparently she doesn’t feel bad enough since she caves to peer pressure and goes anyways.  The “beast” notices people watching him and chases after them.  Calli falls and is the only one that gets caught and in order for the charges to be dropped and her medical bills paid she agrees to live in the “Monster House” for six months to try and befriend Alex, the “beast.”  Seriously, I loved Alex.  I want an Alex of my own.  One negative thing about the story was the fact that somehow Alex always comes in on the tail end of conversations and it always seems really bad.  Every.  Single.  Time.  I would highly recommend this book!

Next, I read Struck.  I had really high expectations for this book, but it wasn’t what I was expecting at all.  Now that I think of it, I’m not sure what I was expecting but this was definitely not it.  Basically, this story is about a lightning addict named Mia.  Mia apparently did something henous in the last city she lived in and she is haunted by it.  She wakes up in the middle of the night and thinks that she must be dreaming because some dude is standing over her, about to plunge a knife into her.  Mia’s mother is suffering from a very severe form of PTSD after she was trapped under rubble after a huge earthquake.  Mia and her brother are trying to take care of their mom and still go to school.  If they go to school they get free food.  Mia’s mom spends all day in her room watching “the Prophet” on t.v. all day long.  The “Prophet’s” followers try to convert Mia and another cult like group tries to get Mia on their side.  Mia is apparently the linchpin that can either save the world or start the apocalypse.  The book was pretty good and I feel like the author set it up perfectly to have a sequel.  I would recommend this book.

Next, I read The White Swan, which is by the same author as Beautiful Beast.  This book is a retelling of The Swan Princess or Swan Lake.  The Swan Princess is one of my all time favorite cartoons from when I was growing up.  I was pretty disappointed in this book.  The story went by really fast and I felt like it left some issues unresolved.  I would recommend this book to someone who was looking for a quick, light read.

Next, I read the novella Double Crossed which is a cross between the Gallagher girls series and the Heist Society series.  It was a cute, short read.  Nothing like secret agents and thieves teaming up to stop a huge heist and solve a mystery.

The next book I read was The Prince which is a novella for The Selection series.  It was interesting to read things through Prince Maxon’s point of view.  The story just kind of explained a little bit about Maxon leading up to the Selection and went over different, early scenes from the Selection.  It was pretty good.  If you’ve read the other books then I would recommend reading this too.

Then I read another mermaid book.  I read Forgive my Fins and fell in love with it.  I cannot wait to have the money to buy the next book in the series.  So the book starts out with Lily, in the bath tub, talking on the phone with her best friend, Shannen.  First it seems like Lily is just your average human teenager and then she starts talking about her tail.  Lily is a mermaid princess from Thalassinia.  She’s living on land because her mother was a human and she just found out about it three years ago.  Lily is crazy in love with Brody. . . Brody just doesn’t know it.  Lily also has an obnoxious next door neighbor, Quince.  Lily is determined that Brody will become her mermate and they’ll live happily ever, but we all know things never go as planned.  I really enjoyed this book!  At times Lily could be irritating and annoying but she also felt like a real person, even though she was a mermaid.  I think this was the first time that I don’t have the hots for the same dude that the main character does.  While Lily was busy being goo goo eyed at Brody I was digging on Quince.  That boy.  Wow.  Anyways I highly recommend this book!

Finally, the last book I read was Out of Control.  This book is a Christian Western and I enjoyed it.  The story is about Rafe Kincaid and Julia Gilliland.  Rafe lives on his family’s ranch with just his ranch hands for company.  His brother Ethan sent him a letter saying that he’s coming home so Rafe goes out to a cavern to make his peace with it.  When Rafe arrives at said cavern he hears screaming and, at first, thinks that he’s having flashbacks of the horror that his brothers and him went through as children.  Shortly, Rafe figures out that he is in fact hearing someone scream and that it is a woman.  Rafe goes down into the cavern and tries to help the woman but she’s a screaming mess so he kisses her instead of hitting her like he did his brother thirteen years ago.  The kiss gets the girl to chill out and Rafe realizes he likes kissing the girl. . . until he thinks about the fact that he could be making out with a 60 year old lady and asks her about it.  Once he finally gets her out of the cavern and on the way to his house she starts incoherently babbling about her house and Audra and a baby and Rafe is utterly confused.  When Rafe gets home his brother, Ethan is there and they try to help Julia out.  Also through out the book, the Kincaid brothers talk about finding back their youngest brother, Seth.  Those boys don’t know quite what they’re getting into.  Mostly, I enjoyed the book but Julia was the most annoying heroine I have ever had to read about.  All that girl cares about is bossing people around and fossils.  I realize that she had difficult circumstances in her life but she is a bossy selfish little biddy.  Rafe is also somewhat exasperating but not nearly as bad as Julia.  I recommend this book to people who are looking for an interesting, somewhat suspenseful tale.

The two books that I am currently reading are The Last Princess and Bitter Blood.  The Last Princess is a dystopian novel that I don’t really know that much about but it is dystopian and is about princesses as far as I could tell so that sold me on it.  Bitter Blood  comes after Black Dawn.  So far Amelie and Oliver are apparently an item, which I kind of thought would happen but I’d really rather it didn’t.  Apparently after the draug attack Amelie is not her normal self anymore.  Now citizens of Morganville have to have identification cards on them all the time.  The only difference is that the vamp id cards allow them one free hunt a year and we all know what that means. 

So, if you’ve stuck with my post this long I applaud you.  Lately I’ve just been working and doing a lot of reading, as if you couldn’t tell!  This week I took a giant test that affects whether or not I get my AAT so that was stressful.  Anyways, I want to tell ya’ll something funny that happened to me today.  I am absolutely terrified of snakes.  Even if I see a snake on a movie it gives me the heebie jeebies.  Anywho, when I went outside today to hang out the laundry I saw a snake on the ground so I ended up chucking the laundry basket and ran screaming back to the house.  When I got in the house I went running to my dad and begged him to come help me to please kill it.  So my dad got out of his chair and was like kill what?  So as I’m trying to drag him back outside I’m thinking to myself, “Kill what?!  He can’t be serious.  I only freak out like this about one thing.”  So we get outside by the clothes basket and look for the snake.  It turned out to be a couple feet from the basket. . . Already dead.  Apparently in my haste and freaking out I must have hit it with the laundry basket and killed it but its muscles, still working even after it died, wiggled it away and coiled it into a tangled mess.  So just so all ya’ll know a laundry basket is a handy weapon! =)

Sorry for the ridiculously long post!

Have a great day!



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