Hey everyone!

First of all, I am WAY excited because I have forty-eight followers!  How cool is that?  I can only imagine how excited I’ll be when I reach fifty!

So, I have finished four books this week.  I finished HiddenFeverBeastly, and Beastly:  Lindy’s Diary.  

Hidden was not as horrible as I thought but it was pretty boring and draggy.  The book had one twist that surprised me but mostly, I saw everything else coming.

Fever, oh my goodness.  This book had me guessing the whole time!  I highly recommend the Chemical Garden series!  Rhine and Gabriel end up in a red district, which is basically just prostitute central.  Vaughn, Rhine’s father-in-law, finds her and ends up chasing Rhine and Gabriel everywhere they go.  Along the way, Rhine and Gabriel end up with a tag along.  This story just left me speechless and wanting for more.  I can’t wait to read Sever!

Beastly was wonderful.  It was much better than the movie, just like every other time I’ve read it.  It was a great spin on Beauty and the Beast!  Beastly:  Lindy’s Diary was interesting.  It was cool to see what Lindy was thinking, but having just finished Beastly I noticed a few discrepancies, but it wasn’t a huge deal.

The two books I’ve started are Black Dawn and I am Number Four.  The books seem really good so far.  Black Dawn picks up where Last Breath left off.  Michael and Eve are in a strange place in their relationship after Michael almost killed Eve in the last book.  Claire, Shane, and Naomi are out looking for Theo, at Oliver’s request, because Amelie is getting worse.  I have only gotten one chapter into I am Number Four but it seems really good.

Have a great day!


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