Memorial Day Reading

Hello everyone,

I have been trying to finish up Hidden but let me tell you this book is something else.  So far there have been eight points of view that I’ve been reading in.  I just went through the book and counted that there are TEN different points of view overall.  It is somewhat exhausting to always be reading so many different point of views.  Basically, what’s happened so far is that Zoey and the gang are having their normal turmoil, only now one of their own, Erin, seems to be going to the dark side, and rather randomly Lenobia, the horse master is reunited with her one and only human lover reincarnated.  I think that after this book I just might take all of my HON books to a used book store close to where I live because I’m just kind of done with this story, even though there is like one (maybe, I’m not sure) book left.

I haven’t made any progress in Fever, but I’ll be getting on that soon enough.  I wanted to let all of you know that if you stick with me long enough you might see some books cycle back through.  I love to re-read books.  Each time I read a book I find new things, honestly its like reading a different book every time.  

After Hidden and Fever I am going to be reading Beastly and Beastly:  Lindy’s Diary by Alex Flinn.  I watched Beauty and the Beast and Beastly the other night so now I am in the mood for some Beauty and the Beast type stories.

Have a great Memorial Day!


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