Random Late Night Happiness and Talk About Books.

Hey readers!

I have been reading more in Rapture, and I have 128 pages left.  The story is getting more interesting, which is pretty sad considering the book is about to be over and I am just now getting drawn in.  I still haven’t figured out quite what is going to happen.  Part of me kind of wants Lucifer to succeed in changing the past but considering that this is the last book I think Luce and Daniel and all of their little buddies will succeed in stopping the potential disaster.  Part of me thinks that Luce and Daniel may not end up having a happy ending, but honestly, they probably will.  

I’m looking forward to getting to read Through the Ever Night.  I read the first chapter the other day and the book seems full of promise.  I cannot wait to see what happens with Peregrine and Aria.  The third book in this series is called Into the Still Blue.  I can’t wait to read it whenever it comes out.

The next real book I’m going to read after Rapture, is The Elite!  I CANNOT wait to read this book!  I seriously considered just skipping Rapture to start it already but I knew I needed incentive to finish Rapture.

Today, I bought five new books.  Four of the books I got are on my Nook and one of them is a for real book.  The for real book is Loss by Jackie Morse Kessler.  The Nook books are Sweet Temptation by Wendy Higgins, Hourglass by Myra McEntire, Project Paper Doll:  Rules by Stacey Kade, and Invisibility by Andrea Cremer.  I am pretty excited to read these books, but they have to wait for a little while.

I realize that here lately I have been talking about a lot of things that are not book related and for that I apologize.  I love talking about books to you guys but sometimes (okay a lot of times) I enjoy telling you what is going on in my life.  I also realize that I say, “I cannot wait!” or, “I am so excited!” or some variation of either of those, a lot too.  I am very enthusiastic about books.  Seriously, most of the books I have I cannot wait to read, I am ridiculously excited to read them.  So, if my repetitiveness or exuberance ever gets on your nerves, I am sorry.  I feel like anyone following this blog shares my love of books (hopefully) and can understand my joy about books.

I hope that all of you have a wonderful Sunday!  I hope that you all find some reason to be happy through out the day, and I’ll pray that you do!

Good night!



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