What a day

Hey everyone!

Today I finished Finale!  It was so good!  There were so many twists, but I am ridiculously happy about how it ended!  Today I bought Unravel Me by Tahereh Mafi.  I’m excited for when I ever get to read it!

Today I went out of order with the to-read pile because one of my friends brought back a bunch of my books yesterday.  I started The Selection by Kiera Cass today.  Basically the people in this world live in an eight level caste system and the main character, America, is in the fifth level.  Girls between 16 and 20 get invited to apply to be put in the Selection for who will marry the prince.  America is old enough to be in the drawing for the thirty-five girls that will compete for the prince’s heart.  America doesn’t want to apply but her family desperately needs her to.  America doesn’t want to apply because–surprise, surprise–she’s already in love with someone else.  Her love interest, Aspen, is a sixth level person.  They want to get married but they’re worried about money.  For whatever reason, I guess he was trying to be noble, Aspen tells America that she should apply for the Selection so that he won’t feel bad that she could have had a better life but gave it all up for him.

Have a great day!



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