Oh, how a bookworm loves snow days. . .

Hello everyone!

I live in one of the places getting covered in snow right now so because I can’t go to class or work I have been doing a phenomenal amount of reading.  Yesterday I finished Beautiful Creatures and A Million Suns.  The movie definitely did NOT stack up to the book when it came to Beautiful Creatures.  I would have taken less issue with the movie if they hadn’t left out TEN characters that were pretty important.  I realized yesterday that I never really explained what Beautiful Creatures  is about so I will remedy that today.  Basically this book is set in the South, in a town called Gatlin.  Gatlin is your run of the mill, average small town.  Pretty much everyone always stays in Gatlin forever.  Our main man, Ethan Wate, has big dreams though and plans on leaving Gatlin ASAP!  His mom died  and his dad has been shut up in his study writing ever since.  Ethan is a sophomore in high school so he needs someone other than his shut in father to take care of him and that job is filled by Amma, the housekeeping, voodoo workin’ little ol’ lady.  Ethan’s best friend is Wesley Jefferson Lincoln, better known as Link.  Ethan has strange dreams every night of a girl slipping through his fingers and he is pretty sure he’s in love with her.  Funny thing about his dreams, whatever environment the dreams take place in is how Ethan wakes up.  If Ethan was in the mud he wakes up covered in mud, if he was soaking wet him and his sheets are soaking wet.  Cut to his first day of sophomore year, apparently there is a new girl and she is HOT as in TDB (third degree burns), but that makes no difference to everyone because she is the niece of the local “Boo Radley,” Macon Ravenwood.  The girl’s name? Lena Duchannes (rhymes with rain).  Lena and Ethan are drawn to each other and Lena turns Ethan’s world upside down.

The second book I read, A Million Suns, is the second book in the Across the Universe trilogy.  In this book Elder finds out a terrible secret about the ship (that later turns into a good thing) and Elder and Amy sort of get to a better place in their relationship for a while.  Someone starts sabotaging the Godspeed (the spaceship they’re on) and Elder’s reign.  Amy also starts getting cryptic clues from Orion and she isn’t sure what to do with them at first.

I would highly recommend both books, and both series to people.  If I didn’t explain the books very good I’m sorry, I’ve been told that piquing interest isn’t one of my strong points.

The books I’m reading right now are Finale, the final book in the Hush, Hush series, and Shades of Earth, the final book in the Across the Universe trilogy.  On a side note, I know that some of the books I’ve been reading aren’t on my to-read list but sometimes I pick up my Nook and start reading a book on it and then I have to finish it or I go bananas wondering what is happening in it! =) So I’m sorry from taking detours from the list!

Finale starts off basically where Silence left off.  Nora is now leader of the Nephilim and she’s still dating Patch.  In order to keep her role as leader, and keep her and her mother alive, she has to stop dating Patch because a relationship between a Nephilim and a fallen angel is just not done. Nora is supposed to end the feud between the Nephilim and the fallen angels but she isn’t sure how she’s supposed to do that.  First things first though, she has to have a mock fight and fake break up with Patch so she can have a fake relationship with Dante, her first lieutenant, who is also her trainer in all things Nephilim.  I’m pretty interested to see what happens with this book a) because I’ve read the rest of the series and I am definitely rooting for Patch and Nora, and b) because when I was looking at my book last night I found a letter from Patch to Nora that Nora was only supposed to get if his last feather got burned.  I’m having some major anxiety over that!

Shades of Earth starts off literally where we left off, with Elder and Amy, and about 1,200 other people, about to blast off!  I feel like I shouldn’t really go into detail since I just started talking about the second book to you all; I would hate to ruin it for everyone! 😉

I hope everyone has a wonderful day!  If you all have snow and what not I pray you all have electricity and water and are able to get out if you need to!

Until next time!



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