Hey everyone!

Well!  I realized this morning that I told you the wrong book that I was reading.  I was not reading Pandemonium I was actually reading Requiem, which I finished this morning. It was so good!  I am happy about Lena’s choice but I feel like some things were left unresolved, so I’m having a little angst over that.  I don’t have much else to tell you all so I guess I’ll tell you some books I’ll be reading.

My to-read stack (the first one anyways) consists of:





Black Dawn

Bitter Blood 

Dark Frost

The Indigo Spell

Full Moon Kisses

The Alex Rider Series

Between the Lines

Heart to Heart

Reaching Through Time

The Den of Shadows Quartet

All Just Glass

Legacy of Tril:  Soulbound



The Last Lecture

Wait Till Helen Comes 


Full Moon

Dark of the Moon

Shadow of the Moon

and a whole bunch more that I couldn’t really see.

Have a great weekend everyone!



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